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    Hi all,after a long time found my way back to the flock,Anyone out there interested in a return to the past with a visit to burren next year,for those who have been restricted by procedures you can let loose and get in some real flying,need to camp out at the strip or softdoodle it in town a few Kay's away,just tossing it about,have a few interested at the moment

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    Not one to pass on a flying trip away, let us know dates and I'm sure there will be quite a few interested.


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      Hi Rick ,looking around late April ,we could take some gear with us in the cars if those who flew out needed swags ,camping stuff,fuel drums,getting to town a few k,s away for the bore baths and supplies would not be a problem ,will catch you up at somersby soon as I get a few more details,at the moment looking at around a week all up


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        There is quite a few of us heading down to Goolwa for the ASRA Nats over the Easter weekend. We will all be heading home after that so if your plans could be for the weekend after Easter that could work for a few of us as we all head home.
        You guys not interested in making the trek down to SA for the Nats???


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          Hi rick,most of our crew trailer their machines away,don't think that our pilots would make it that far anyway,open frame you'd be blown to bits after a couple of hours,will check with the guys as to the dates,were pretty flexible,most are retired or are self employed,be flying at allworth/remlap next weekend,sort out some details then,weather at burren plays a big part,a decent shower cuts the road for a couple of days even fwd,s slip off the road until it dries out.on another note not too many people posting on the new forum,I only got on through frustrating attempts ,maybe some more info on forum access in the mag,we need our pilots to stay connected through the website,too much information/knowledge being kept out of reach of new pilots and those in remote areas


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            I'd love to come up to Burren again one day once the kids are a bit bigger. BTW Bob, your sons hilux is going good. It's got a camper in the tray these days.