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    I agree with Tim.

    C'mon guys, Its a TV commercial FFS!
    The world has gone mad......So damn sensitive. I'm pretty sure THIS exact thread and many other forums are the reason they are so quiet and boring.....................
    Sorry but its reality. We all go on about how sensitive, politically correct and sour we have become as a race.
    But look above, fallen into the exact same drama filled conversation about a TV commercial!


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      ask 100 people to identify that "thing" up against the tree…….99 wouldn't have a clue. The advert is a dumb *rse advert like that "nimble it" stupid advert, folks identify sh!t real quick, and the content does not register.
      Bring back the good ol bundy, xxxx, toyota, adverts……loved em.
      If you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time


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        New on the forum. I personally think these captain risky ads, only seen two different variants of the ad, I think portrays gyros in a very negative light. If that was an add with him flying and crashing and R22 etc, the Robinson heli company and a wing of fiery bastards from the GA sector would have torn them to shreds, and probably could have dragged their asses through the lawyers offices until they were bleeding! Not very bloody good. Anyways, that is just my humble opinion. Cheers