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Subaru 2.2l engine brainstrust required.

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  • Subaru 2.2l engine brainstrust required.

    Looking for a "brains-trust" who has experience maintaining/installing/operating the Subaru 2.2 in a gyrocopter, in preparation for a new installation in case I strike trouble.

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    As far as I am concerned the 2.2 is a dam good affordable gyro engine with ample power. You have several options for the electronics. I have only used the NZ Autoflight gearboxes. There are some belt drive options which I am not familiar with. As far as maintanence I just change the oil and filter a little sooner than you would a car calculating 100 km as 1 hr. One must be careful with bleeding the coolant. make sure you get all the air out at the top of the engine. Air pockets have destroyed many engines. I found that out the hard way. The good part is you can always pick up a crashed car for $500 and get another engine.


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      Now looking for a recommendation to find someone who can get a g4 link ecu wired up. Not having any luck locally. SA or VIC are closest. Going into the Subaru 2.2 mentioned here.


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        ask Darrell Jones, he may be able to offer some advice.

        Not sur if Darrell hops on the forum much now, his number is on the web site
        Remember: no matter where you go, there you are


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          Thanks RossM, am in touch with Darryl and he is all over it - wealth of information on the subject.


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            Have the engine and computer almost ready to go, Would anyone have a EJ22 download for a Link computer. If not settings which are required so we can manually enter them. !st time working with a computer so any help appreciated.


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              Know how you feel I've still not got my Microtech perfect. So hard to find a nurdy person who is willing to work on a flying machine (Afraid of liabitity) and when you do they are often heavyweights and you can't put them in the sky. No need to be big anymore. we've invented guns