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Tandems and a slight fear of heights - experiences?

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    Brian, yes, no problems with a side by side but have always been a passenger at takeoff in the back in a tandem, and agree side by side loses some of the exhilaration of flying (which is why we do it recreationally) but they are more comfortable. Next week I will try a couple of tandems from the front, and hopefully make up my mind which type to purchase.

    Matthew, will call, thanks for the tip.

    And Merry Xmas & safe flying to everyone!


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      Being 'busy' certainly makes you relax more deandob. Thinking back when I was at the early skydiving stage I used to 'crap' sitting in the plane constantly asking myself if I was sane and then when the pilot pulls back the throttle and it's all go one forgets fear as one is busy. Flying a craft is much more relaxing (once you have half a clue) than being a passenger.


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        Too true Max.

        I had the pleasure of spending Tuesday with David Owen in South Australia trying out the new ELA machines (great machines BTW - and David is an excellent host) and got to do a few circuits as initially passenger and then PIC. I got the usual butterflies as a passenger as the craft rose past 50 feet, however as PIC as I was busy with ensuring the takeoff was good (airspeed, attitude etc.) I forgot all about my nerves and they didn't come. It wasn't until I was at 1000 feet that I realised that I didn't get the takeoff butterflies. And its more relaxing being the pilot as you feel safer being in control of the machine.

        Case solved I think!


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          Yep! being busy is the secret. I was in free fall once in NZ while learning to sky-dive and started to suffocate. I apparently was falling head down and must of had a vacume around my nostrils. (Big viking nose) Anyway I simply levelled my body and started breathing again. I even forgot about it until hrs. later. The point is I was busy and when your busy there's No panic.