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    seeing the forum was so quiet again [ or still ] have you heard about my mate JUSSY trying to fly straight and level ?

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    NAAAHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me neither .


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      Geez, that's a bit harsh Tony.


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        It sounds like there is more to this story?



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          not harsh, if you go easy on him you spoil him.
          quick story.
          already talked to him on sunday and after my shower and diner I was laying in bed thinking about life in general. 8:45 the phone rings and it was my mate jussy.
          he never rings me , so getting a call that late and on a sunday night I was startled and surprised and worried all in one just to be told that if I watched a certain programme that was on it was about a bloke that could remote control just about anything electronically.
          SO THE CALL WAS TO TELL ME THAT MAYBE THE ELECTRONIC WIZARD COULD GET ME TO FLY STRAIGHT AND LEVEL. now everyone that knows JUSTIN and me KNOWS that I'm a far better pilot that he could ever dream to be.
          PURE FACT
          when he gets on the forum next I have no doubt that when he comes to his senses [ 1 DAY SOON ] that he will acknowledge my story.
          little mate needs to get up in the air again soon , it's effecting his ability to think straight
          and obviously fly straight and level.
          never seen a bloke work so many hours. definitely carrying a lot of Australia on his back. but the tractor has GPS steering ,so that is where the big problem comes from . .