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Replacing pre rotator belts on Magni

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  • Replacing pre rotator belts on Magni

    Dear Members, first of all I wanted to introduce myself as a new ASRA member. My name is Andrew and I fly a M16, I am a former trike pilot.I would like to ask anyone who has replaced pre rotator belts on a Magni before, did you actually need to remove the pre rotator assembly from the support bracket as described in the procedure? Can I get away with replacing the belts without disturbing any of this? Any tricks of the trade & experience would be really appreciated.Also do you get your belts from the Magni distributor or from a belt & bearing store?Thanks in advance,Andrew

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    G"day Andrew ,


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      Hi Eric & thanks for your post,I called Airborne today and Russ is away at the moment, Phil however served me and indicated that unfortunately there are no belts in stock (Airborne need to order from Italy) and i"m not keen to wait 2-3 weeks.The belts are stamped with A28 (13 X 710). Got some tech advice that they are a standard "A section" belt with Kevlar impregnation for high shock loads, I can get them locally at a belt & bearing outlet so that"ll get me out of trouble this time round.Cheers A


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        Mate, these belts wear the pulleys out and it actually cut a path in the pulley as the belts wear down. You might be lucky and get them to work but the recommendations are to change the pulleys with the belts. You can give me a call on 0409752853.Regards,Colin