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Flight around Oz.

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  • Flight around Oz.

    Myself and Wayne Mitchell are currently planning a gyro trip around Australia leaving next April and are looking at taking about ten weeks or so. We and our wives hope that it will be as much a holiday as a flying trip.
    If anyone else is interested please let us know, even if you only want to do part of the trip. Everyone is welcome. We already have a Darwin pilot keen to do part of the WA leg and show us around his neck of the woods.

    Also both Wayne and I are instructors and encourage any members around the country that would like to take advantage of us being in the area to get your BFR's up to date.

    The rough plan is to head west from Sydney across the bottom and then up the west coast across to Darwin then over to Cape York and then down the coast home, sounds simple.....

    We are looking to add a few cameras to our aircraft for the trip and hopefully turn it into a amateur home movie.

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    There is room for you guys at Bindoon in WA. when you get here.
    It will be a great trip and an even more entertaining movie. The WA champion flour bomber (2016) Noel the Frog Regnaud has just released part 1 of our Nationals trip from Perth (Bindoon) to Kununurra to Alice (via the Tanami desert) to Kalgoorlie and home. So be prepared for long haul with the footage, commentary, on screen text and music.



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      Bring it on Alby

      Contact SBS or some production company.
      Say you want no fee, all in the name of promotion.

      two guys (I never saw the shows) did a trip across Oz in trikes, not sure if it was on SBS.
      Remember: no matter where you go, there you are