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10 years, bloody hell!!!!

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  • 10 years, bloody hell!!!!

    This evening around 5.45pm 10 years ago my life changed considerably. A gyroplane accident that had me fighting for life in a coma for 7 weeks. Then over a dozen operations to repair my two crushed vertebrae, and scrapping skin from non burnt areas to graft the 55% full thickness burn areas, along with the super bugs that were trying to kill me. 55% full thickness burns, 58 years old and having had type 1 diabetes for 38 years I apparently surprised the medicos and survived.
    Our kids tell me I survived because I am a "stubborn old b*sta*rd".

    Life is now chronic pain and exhaustion. Gyroplane stabilty, horizontal stabilisers, and students are now replaced with smelling the roses, learning patience, caravan touring, and Grandkids.

    I do fly occaisonally, mostly getting my mate Chum's gyro ready for sale as he is developing Dementia. I keep my mechanical grey matter working by learning how to set up our caravan for off grid glamping.

    Aussie Paul.
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    Life doesn't sound too bad Paul.