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ROTAX Service Bulletin - 912/914 - Mandatory

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  • ROTAX Service Bulletin - 912/914 - Mandatory

    Some more joy for the owners of these engines:The following Mandatory Service Bulletin affecting specific engines, gear boxes and gear set serial number ranges has been released by Rotax:SB-912-056 / SB-914-038 – SB-912-056 UL / SB-914-038 ULReplacement of the Propeller Gearbox for some Rotax engine type 912/914 (series).Only the following engines may be affected: 912S, 912ULS, 912ULSFR & 914F, 914ULNOTE: 81Hp 912F and 912UL engines with 2.2727:1 gear ratio (standard narrow gear set as supplied by factory) are NOT affected by this SB unless the gear box has been modified with wide gear set after delivery (if in doubt check gear set serial number).SUMMARY OF BULLETINue to a slightly increased amount of irregularity in the form of material inclusions some isolated problems were detected on the gear box gear set in the field. Such material inclusions in the area of the tooth base can lead to tooth breakage under severe operating conditions. Affected gear sets must be replaced. CHECKING IF YOUR ENGINE, GEARBOX OR GEAR SET IS AFFECTED:First, make sure your engine type is affected (81hp 912F and 912UL engines are not affected unless modified with affected gear set).Engine serial number and gear box serial number must be checked against the affected serial number ranges listed in the applicable SB. For engines which have had the gear box previously removed for service and have had the original gear set changed, the replacement gear set serial number must also be checked against the affected gear set serial number ranges listed in the SB. For clarification on serial identification and proper procedures for removing and replacing your gear box, click on the following link; the next maintenance event or at the latest April 30th 2008.ADDITIONAL EXPANDED VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS:A special on-line video has been developed to supplement this mandatory SB and add further information on checking for affected serial numbers. As well this video provides further detailed instructions for proper removal and replacement of the gear box and special material and tool requirement lists. Click on the following link for access to this additional information; These Mandatory SB documents may be downloaded from or by clicking on the following links;SB-912-056/SB-914-038

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