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MT03 Accident in South Africa late last year.

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  • MT03 Accident in South Africa late last year.

    Ozzie posted this on the Yank forum.

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    Rotor from cleared this up this morning.Apparently it was an accident in South Africa.Mitch.


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      Ozzie, I think the accident to which you are referring to is the one which occurred at Mossel Bay, South Africa on 27th December. Both the pilot and the female passenger received burn injuries and were transferred to hospital via air ambulance. I wish them both a speedy recovery.Report from the SA Microlighters forum ( :Quote:Hi Everyone On Friday the day after the Gyro accident on Mosselbay airfield, I went with the investigating Officers from CAA to the accident site. The Gyro was a MTO3 and only a part of the rudder came out of the fire According to an eye whiteness the pilot came in for a landing and it appear that the gyro balloon a bit after it slightly drift to the side, the one wheel made first contact with the runway and than the gyro start to goose -wobble, ending in the rotor hit the ground, the pylon broke off where it was attached to the boom and with the rotor not be able to absorb the impact it appear that the gyro caught fire after the body and fuel tank hit the runway Apparently the pilot got out, but the passenger could not loosen her safety belt, it seems that the pilot went back to help the passenger getting out of her safety belt The final report will be released soon by CAA . I really wish them a speedy recover After seen so many accidents I want to throw a stone in the bush by saying the following 1) No plastic safety belt buckles to be allowed on Microlights or Gyro"s 2) A small working fire extinguisher on Microlights and Gyros 3) 3rd party insurance compulsory 4) A pylon side g test specification on all gyro’s _Louis van Wyk It may be worth mentioning that according to another gyro pilot who watched his departure, the pilot had apparently experienced a fuel leak problem with his gascolator prior to taking off. It is unclear if this had anything whatsoever to do with the cause of the accident, and I mention it only as something for MT-03 owners to check for peace of mind. David Lehr - Cape Town, South AfricaMagni M16