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  • sick in gut feeling

    push cattle through gate,land and jump off to shut gate(breeze blowing)about 10m away,slideing loop of wire over handle(cockys gate),hear thud(get sick feeling in gut),turn around to see machine laying on its side,take helmet off and throw on ground(wasnt poor helmets fault),while yelling what a useless ******* you are!happened this arvo and still cannot believe how stupid it was!

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    Cheer up Angus....bad day at the office....good thing you are not hurt by the incident.Cheers Mitch.


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      Angus,You have my sympathies in toto.I"m still not back in the air after my Manilla Bender, but I sure as hell hope you will be soon.A lesson for us all I guess - tie down before leaving the a/c unattended.. no matter what the circumstance.Don"t beat yourself up, it wont get you anywhere - just fix it.Cheers,Nick.,


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        Hi Angus sorry to hear about your accident mate glad your not hurt though.Do you want a hand to fix it ? I am available if so Butch S.