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Chasing useful gyro related websites for ASRA home page

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  • Chasing useful gyro related websites for ASRA home page

    At the AGM we were discussing topics for the homepage and I volunteered (or was volunteered) to make a list of useful web pages (clean ones) for people looking to get into gyros, I have quite a few, Pres. Paul has given a few, if any of you guys and gals have any useful ones, please feel free to drop them here with a sentence or two about what the site offers and which state/area and if they freight etc.... it can be anything from other forums, where to get components, alloy tube, chrome moly tube, an bolts, 9x19 cable and fittings etc..... anything that can help any members start building/rebuilding or whatever

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    C"mon guys, spill your fave websites.... they will all go in the ASRA knowledge base... please add to it...


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      This site has all of the manuals for Subaru engines, from EA81 engine manual and parts manuals..... also manuals for EJ22 and 25. They are in links on the page.... I have opened them and they are clean links... lots of great information


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        This is a link to the Texas "Lone Star Rotorcraft club"