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    Treasurer’s Special Report to the members at the 2009 AGMNovember 2009 special AGMThis is a special update report I would like to bring up to the membership.I am concerned that the rate of increase in Employee Expenses is unsustainable.Our mission statement says “Minimum Bureaucracy” yet in the last two years we have allowed a significant increase in bureaucracy to occur, without a similar corresponding increase in our membership. I must state here that some of this increase in bureaucracy has been forced on us by CASA, but the majority appears to be of our making.In Fiscal 08 our employee expenses were $508,729. In Fiscal 09 these costs jumped to $651,410, and in Fiscal 10 they are estimated to reach $825,000. This is an increase in two years of over $361K. Or an increase of 62%. All this with our membership remaining fairly static.Of real concern to me as Treasurer, was the large salary increases granted by the Board at the recent September meeting. When most Australians received little or no wage increases in 2009 due to the economic climate, the board, as a whole chose to approve increases of between 8% for junior office staff, and up to 25% for managers. On top of these increases we must now budget for all the “add on” costs. I am the first to agree that our staff are our greatest asset, but we are a non profit association, funded in the main by member fees. It is my personal belief that we must live within our means.However it can also be argued that we need to pay the right money to gain and keep the right staff. I see it as my duty as your treasurer to bring this matter to your attention. What you choose to do with this information is entirely up to you. You are the membership. You are the association.To bring this into perspective we really must look at the cost per individual member.In previous years our employee cost per member was running at around $56 to $57 per member. This jumped to $68 per member in F09 and I now estimated this to hit $90 per member in F10. An increase of over 60% in just two years.As treasurer I believe we must seriously address the rate of increase in our employee costs. If it can be shown that some of the increase is due to CASA requirements then I believe we need to seek some cost recovery from CASA. But we, as an association need to “own” this issue, and deal with it appropriately.Finally, I won’t be seeking re-election as Treasurer, but I would urge the incoming treasurer to be very vigilant to prevent our costs getting out of proportion to our membership levels.However, we are an association, and you people, our membership, may be quite comfortable with these increases. But I believe, as un popular as it may be for me, it is my duty as your Treasurer to bring this matter to the attention of the membership.John McKeownRAA Treasurer.

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    To any one who BITCHES about the volunteers who lend their time to run the ASRA out fit, IMHO should pack up and go jion the RAA then.If this is the way things are heading i feel we be all flying without any sort of Assosiation soon.Me thinks CASA needs to pull their Head out of their A** and look at what is going on.


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      I think your preaching to the converted here Bones.If I am right, " ASRA Board > ASRA Board & Officers" is only able to be viewed by the board?Graeme.


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        I think you are correct Graeme. But it is interesting reading and it makes the way ASRA work, look very economical!!Also, it makes interesting thinking for the way ASRA is proposing to go with a part time staffer and that we need to have a budget and keep from going the way RA AUS is going to go. Of course, RR AUS will get pulled from the mire by CASA are being so "helpful" with signing the deed ! :


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          Well that be why i posted it here then huh???


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            Well that be why i posted it here then huh???Forgive me for ever doubting you.Graeme.