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Fuel cut-off tap

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  • Fuel cut-off tap

    Has anyone come across a fuel cut-off tap to screw into the bottom of a 40L Jerry Goodwin seat tank?

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    You may have to mix and match fittings to get what you want. I use PIRTEK and find them very helpful.

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      Hi Almar. Beware that Gerry's 40L tanks have a parallel thread in them which means that if you use a tapered thread you will undoubtedly split the aluminium tank insert.
      I used a parallel brass threaded hollow tube with a washer welded onto it which fitted flat onto the base of the tank. From memory I sealed it with good old aviation gasket cement onto a cork washer which worked well for some years before I am currently replacing the the Old EA81 engine on my Amax single seater with a 912 Rotax. It has a small stainless water trap and lever tap also in the assembly to conform with the water trap requirements brought in after the manufacture of those tanks. I will endeavour to get some photos and thread details for you when I visit my hangar this coming weekend.

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        Thanks guys.


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          Almar the stainless fittings were sealed with pictured Permatex thread sealant and stood up to 95 grade fuels.
          I can only see 3 photos presented there are however 4 there which can be viewed by clicking onto the blue square "4 photos"
          I am probably going to try to incorporate this unit into my new build which has a 70l tank. I will raise the location of the outlet to the fuel filter on the square stainless water capture receptacle which I manufactured. I have never discovered water in my fuel but that is probably due to my diligent use of a Mr Funnel to fill my tank.
          We have a firm in WA called "Couplers" who supplied my bits although Waddles suggestion of Pirtek may be your solution.

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