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not enough room.

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  • not enough room.

    not enough room to store it now and not enough time to complete the build of my 2 seat tandum.i had a sub 4 motor and auto flight box in it with rotors on and 2 people in it and had it hung tested back a few years now. I was hesitant on the ej motors and mainly the computors. then I used the

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    ok just checked over some notes and found I hadn"t taken off the price for the prop which isn"t included for the components listed above for 2 seater. but does include a PA200 intercom so the price for the above is actually $14,500.00 ex bundy. I took a photo today so i"ll see if I can pull some more hair out and load it tonight.


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      also for sale is a patroney 76" narrow cord prop and hub to suit the rotax box . all in good condition $1000.00 no noticeable nics or dents.


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        wow I think I got. must of been tired during the week , didn"t have a hope in hell of working that out before. ok the photo shows the 2 seater I"ve realized that the standard diagonal brace under the engine frame is not fitted , but I do have it .on the front I have small duals . I was working on an idea of a having a short Teflon ski [approx. 300 mm maybe ] between the wheels/tyres about an inch above ground level so that at the beach it would stop the front tyre [if it was a single standard tyre setup ] from bogging in and flipping/crashing. the axle between the wheels is pivoting , so that when turning the 2 wheels always stay in contact [ it doesn"t ride up on as the steering shaft with suspension


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          struth I had said the rotax box was 2.47:1 [ that"s actually an auto flight ratio] the correct ratio that the rotax box is 2.62:1 . suits 76" dia prop on a ea8. complete flywheel to prop flange.