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    Any news on Steve Wardill"s hub bar project??

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      Gidday Disco,Steve is completing his studies so as to graduate at the end of the year. I understand that his project has been submitted for assessment and he is waiting for the results of the "quizzing" that goes with his submission. He will advise when his report is available but it should be soon.Regards,Waddles.

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        Disco, Thanks for your interest in my project. As I type this to you I am in the process of proofing my final draft before submission tomorrow (Monday 19th October). From there, it will be assessed by my project supervisors, and then be returned to me with corrections/amendments to be made before final "official" submission onto the University"s project database, which I understand is available to all through Google Scholar. A few weeks ago I had to give a presentation to an audience of rather prestigious engineering professors on my project data acquisition and analysis methodology, and it was very well received.Without going into specifics until my project has final stamp of approval from my supervisor, from the evidence I have been presented with through the course of the year it"s safe to say that with the current inspection regime hub bar operations are generally not unsafe as a whole. However there"s scope for some relatively simple recommendations which can significantly improve safety even further. Apologies for the vagueness - as soon as my project has been verified by my supervisor and is released for publication I"ll let everyone know. Cheers


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          Awesome. Thanks Steve.


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            Gd"day Steve,Glad that your project is very well received by the Profs. Well done mate. I"ll be very interested on your publication. Awesome!!CheersLou