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ak,s rotors. teetering..

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  • ak,s rotors. teetering..

    hey guys i just recently got myself a pair of ak,s 26 ft put them on, took them for a strap around the airfeild, the had a stick shake that was a bugger really, i rang treager up, got some direction and eliminating the stick shake heaps by shimming under the teeter block, nearly smooths as until you fly around 60 knots,maybe a bit more they fly quick, but that bits fine, but when i load the rotors up, it seems to wanna play jump rope (or bounce) now with reading old posts , about teetering, to elimitnate the bounce i have to lower the teeter towers?? or put higher teeter stoppers on?? am i correct in saying

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    Adrian,Hard to know without looking at them, But I had a similar problem and cured it by shimming the teeter block one way or the other in between the towers, looks a bit funny, but it worked!Mak sure you dont shim too far and rub the block up against the tower.Mark.


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      thnaks marki got the tracking sorted outbut there is a bounce while flying . does it whn you load the rotors upis that a teeter height issue??that was my main questioncheers adrian