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    I"m sure others have heard as well. a new mad max movie being made next year. i had thought once before that if Asra approached a movie maker an offered the services of a man and machine it would greatly enhance the profile of gyrocoptors again. the two famous gyro scenes of Jame"s bond and mad max are well remembered. with correct follow up of the much more modern and safe gyro instructors should be run off their feet, a great opportunity I"m sure every body could see. a bit of working out to do if it could happen i admit.

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    Tony, Art Spink who is an ASRA member is in charge of building all the cars, bikes etc for that movie as well as the special effects (Blowing up cars etc)I"m sure if there is even the remotest possibility of a Gyro in the movie he will get it in.I think Birdy flying the "Feral" may be just what they need.


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      no way im washn it. [ or meself] >


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        Ok way to go Art.yeah i was going to put in a ferel coment but thought i would leave it up to someone else. how can i get a job like that ? build stuff and blow stuff up.


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          When you find the job let me know I"m in sounds good flying gyros building stuff and blowing it up you must have to pay them!!!!! ;D ;D ;D