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582 overheating

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  • 582 overheating

    Hi all. I'm putting a 582 in my single seater and having temperature problems. I've used the genuine twin radiators and in my first circuit temp got to 110 degrees.
    This is what I've tried since:
    Spoke to supplier, who said that he'd never heard of a 582 Rotax overheating. Great, thanks - dead end there
    Confirmed gauge is accurate, checked cooling circuit with laser thermometer
    Tried different ratios of coolant, bled system again and again
    Proved flow and checked for blockages. Inspected pump
    Confirmed thermostat is working, tried with and without it fitted
    Moved radiators to front of engine
    Moved them back when that didn't work, lagged exhaust manifold nearest radiator and kicked base away 100mm from manifold
    Checked for air leaks at carbies
    Tried bigger ATV radiator mounted in clean air. It was second hand though, and not sure how efficient
    Moved jets a notch richer
    Compression tested pots
    Moving the radiators away from exhaust and adjusting jets have now got me to 95 degrees. But it's winter now... My understanding is that 87 degrees is the figure I'm looking for

    Sean Anthony in Weipa runs his 582 at 85 degrees with a 300mm by 300mm radiator, so me thinks radiators aren't the problem
    I'm sure there's a simple solution, but it's driving me spare. I don't even like 2 strokes!

    While I'm at it, I'm spinning my old 60" Brolga with max pitch blocks (which I was advised would work, much to my scepticism). It's under pitched of course, and read that that could cause heating problems. I reckon I need a 66", and not sure which one to get. I have had an Ivo before and it was easy, but the blades flex and make the shape convex, which I imagine isn't ideal? Maybe a Warp Drive?

    Any ideas guys, and who out there is running a 582 and tell me what prop and radiator they're using?
    Cheers, Hatrack.

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    Hi Hatrack- check your ignition timing and advance system.



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      Agree with Chook. The only heating issue with my old 582 seemed to be that the oil injection reservoir shielded the stock radiators, but if you've changed radiators, it's not that.

      I think Ross Gosby is a 2 stroke guru. He put an article in the GN some time ago. He is the Asst. Tech Manager so maybe try him direct on Can't find the old "add a link" button. Sorry.



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        Oh. Just seen that it now auto. 'mazing.