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MT-03 Down in Germany !

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  • MT-03 Down in Germany !

    Found this posted on the US Forum.Will be interesting to hear what happend, as it seems like a fine aircraft.An MT-03 2 seater gyro came down in Germany and caught fire. The passenger died in the flames, the pilot was heavily burnt but out of ER. The two men were trained police helicopter pilots with long flight experience.No details known so far, some eye witnesses claim the fire started in the air, others say only on the ground. The fuel tanks are under the passenger seat, the motor is a standard Rotax 912S or 914 behind the passenger seat. Picture of a working one (not the crashed one!) included.Link to German news story with small picture and video link., in the very small German community, are devastated. I"m currently receiving training on this type and am reasonably worried.Kai.

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    No matter what type, flown by who, or flown where ever, this is tragic news.Nick.