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    I have never been big on anodising, I prefer not to dip critical alloy components in battery acid.... I doubt it is good for them, and I don"t like the heat involved in powder coating.... I don"t see the sense in buying 6061T6 aluminium, the risking de tempering it trying to make it look "pretty".... anyway, have a look at the article and see what you reckon

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    Murray,Another commendable find, your research is invaluable!It was of great interest to me as it points to my theorem and preaching of the "extreme fibre stress" idea. Any structural member that has a process applied to it such as drilling, machining or the like suffers damage much deeper than the depth of the operation. You note where he talks about drilling a hole that the edge radius of the defect has a huge bearing on the fatigue propagation, this is something that I"d not been acquainted with, he says that the anodising causes a defect - etching specifically - that has a very small edge radius and as a product causes a huge increase in the stress at the edge - this is the "extreme fibre" being chewed into and breaking, then because it has broken the next fibres in get chewed up, and so on until the metal breaks, surprisingly early :-(I believe it is this which took Sam LaBruna"s life, the failure to account for extreme fibre stress.


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      Yeah, one of the guys put this video on one of the other forums, a guy who anodises knife handles and such at home, he shows the process...... I didn"t realise how "acidic" the whole process is.... he only swishes them in the dies and hydrochloric acid for 10 seconds at a time, obviously the acids are eating into the material.... it can not be good for the metals structural integrity..... ornamental stuff and non structural stuff, sure, knock yourself out..... but when your entire life and well being is suspended from thinish tubing structures, I really wouldn"t recommend "hobbling" its strength (or even just possibly reducing strength of critical components) ..... to me it is just silly trying to "beautify" a stick gyro, or even something with a pod (more risk if the anodised tubing is hidden behind pretty fiberglass covers)..... gyros are aerodynamically dirty, and are pretty ugly really.... I said somewhere "you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig"