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Bones comment about Donation Tally for Sam's Family

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  • Bones comment about Donation Tally for Sam's Family

    oh seriously this is starting to sound like one those late night church things, give give give and you will be saved.

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    I think the donations for Sam"s family is a wonderful thing and shows them how much we thought of Sam.This whole accident is a great tragedy to us all as fliers and builders and has caused me personally some upset and lots of thought.The thing is, I don"t remember doing this hard sell donation drive for any other lost ASRA members. Are some people more important than others.Just my personal view.Graeme.


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      Well thanks for shifting this to its own thread Webby, just as i thought, doing as you feel, but a question Why the hell did you dump it in "ASRA board & officers" ?I am none of themNd also thats for starting the NEW thread and placing me as the author of it and this is clearly not what happened, all i did was reply to a thread, but this was not to the all mighty Webby"s liking.Id report this but it would only go to you any way, so that would be like leaving a kid in a kandy story, not a good result. Arr what the hell, i will anyway


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        Hi Bones,