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    Is it just me or has this forum just become more "difficult" than it already was?

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    If you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time


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      I don't believe it. Someone 'spoke' on the forum!


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        Hey Max it's mick, now that you're talking and i dont really care where this topic belongs soooo, i'm heading back down to the hanger and gunna replace my coolant wif some of that Evans water less coolant, I really hate those spring type hose clamps as one of them killed me dads brand new red motor in his EH holden many years ago and i dont want them on my rotax 4 banger AND I DON'T CARE OF ANY BODY'S OPINION on this S**ty spring load hose i've already learned a hard lesson on this...and its not an academic lesson. Whats a good hose clamp to use. Looking at Bert Flood part list i'm guessing it's a 25mm clamp...if you can read German and have a law degree it's good info.


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          G'Day Mick. I've always used an auto hose clamp from repco or anywhere provided it has a familiar brand name. Never had a problem with the stainless ones with the thread cut into them.