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    ASRA Web Site and Forum Editorial PolicyThere is a new ASRA Forum Policy Agreement in place for newly registered members to this forum. Since those current members will not have seen this, I have included it below and becomes effective immediately.The reasons for having an editorial policy and contribution guidelines are: -*To protect the Site Administrator/Webmaster, Moderators and the ASRA Board from potential libel, breach of copyright actions and defamation situations.* To have a clear set of guidelines to ascertain whether the contribution is in breach of the guidelines, and if it should remain or be removed.* To make the ASRA Web Site a useful tool for ASRA members as well as other interested parties.* To ensure that the Site does not become cumbersome with disagreements, personal attacks and an overabundance of unrelated contributions.*To provide clarity as to which articles can remain on the site without the site moderator/s being accused of censorship.Site AdministratorThe ASRA will appoint a Site Administrator/Webmaster to oversee the efficient running of the ASRA Web Site, and the security of the site material.Forum ModeratorsThe ASRA may appoint moderators to oversee the day-to-day running of the site forum, and such specialist moderators as are necessary to oversee individual topics. Such moderators will not be identified by name but rather by position (eg. "Site Moderator" or "Tech. Moderator"). Moderators appointed must always act in an impartial and unbiased manner, and must not let any personal feelings affect their actions or decisions. The following guidelines are necessary to aid both contributors and moderators.Contribution Guidelines