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    Thanks Brian. I have been speaking to a couple of the gyro retailers and feedback about the 915 was to be careful as rotax had problems with the 912 FI that took a while to shake out, and it might be the same with the 915. I wonder if you had one of the new 915 engines and it cut out causing a serious crash and it was rotax fault - would rotax be liable (not that you want to test this hypothesis!)? I just can't get over the use of carbs in 2017 for new machines (especially for the price of these engines!
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      I have heard of a couple of the FI engines having problems &it really beats me why as we all know,FI has been around for a long time now &even my old suby 2.2FI never missed a beat. ....due to the FI & electronic ignition. Carbs have their place &it seems they most certainly suit the 912 plus so easy to maintain.Rotax would not admit fault no matter what & might possibly say operator used an engine not suited for this particular application.
      I used to think 912 s were way overpriced but not anymore & in fact I'm sorry I didn't see the light 20 years ago !!! Comparing the suby powered to the Rotax powered is simply no contest.


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        Well I can tell everyone for a fact every, I mean every xenon (with the turbo 912, and yes they were the 80hp motor) brought into the country while I was doing it had a boost/ map gauge if the instrument had been changed it should/would have been with the same instrument as they were multi purpose.
        i use to check the boost value on them as part of delivery.
        as far as reliability I never had or heard of any motor troubles, I think the white machine in the nt had over 1200 hrs last time I heard.
        servicing I would drop oil and filter every 50 hrs even on the standard 912 oil is cheap, see the colour of the oil after 50 hrs thanks to our shitty fuel.
        Hope that clears a couple of things up
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