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circuit breakers and bus bars

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  • circuit breakers and bus bars

    I would like some ideas on how bus bars are wired with circuit breakers. Ideally reset breakers on the the panel in a self contained unit. Something like this from Jaycar but so breakers can be reset in flight if need be.

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    See attached Typical aircraft electrical systems.
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      Just another consideration is to allow your separated avionics bus to be powered up without powering up your main bus. I do this to allow me to run radios and nav equipment for pre flight programming and situational awareness without having strobes, pumps, ignition systems and Hobbs meters running needlessly.


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        Is this type of bus bar something which would do the job in a gyro or is there a preferred type?


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          Ideally you would require 2 of these so that you can split them into a general and an avionics bus.

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        Anything will do
        You can then buy and use resettable blade fuses in this.
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