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Max this might bring back some memories

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  • Max this might bring back some memories

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    Silence was the deafening reply from Max, but I thought it was a great story. I remember "the Bushtucker Man" from some time ago. I also worked with his boy Tim for a while.
    Why no further Tiger Moth flights??


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      Yes, it brings back memories. I just made a stuff-up in the coolant system and all the fluid squirted out onto the distributor on the EA81. We learn from our mistakes. O'L mate Rob. with the tiger moth had a guts full and after the piston seized he completely fell in love with Gyro's. He flew my machine earlier up at mataranka with great skill. They trailered it back to Tassie. I took Robs Back-up ute driver for a spin and when the motor went quiet I just said "engine failure" and I dived her into the scrub. We floated into a young tree and demollished most of it while I balanced the craft and kept it on it's wheels. My passenger yelled "They're good to crash in"! Just done a count and I've had the pleasure of destroying five sets of blades in 31 yrs. Havn't bent any in the last 15 I think.
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