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McGyver gyro from the 60's... from RWF

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  • McGyver gyro from the 60's... from RWF

    I found this fascinating as I am sure you will also.... from what I understand, this "heavily modified Benson" was given/ended up at a Canadian museum in 2008.... it is imaginative as to what things were reused in its construction, everything from fruit bowls, oil drums and bread bag wire ties as safety wires

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    I think someone might be having a lend of us. I might be wrong but I didn"t think the 582 was available in 1985. Igor would be horrified - he"s not the only one. If per-chance it did get airborne it would likely be passed by a flock of pigs cruising past.


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      Yeah, from what I gather, the machine has been added to and added to from when it was first built until how it is now.... prolly every trip to the tip, more fruit bowls and garbage bins were found to utilize for tent/sleeping bag/rifle "torpedo tubes" and fish lockers etc.... and the airflow disrupters on the ; bodywork" near the "propelr" were prolly added last ;DI reckon some mad Canadian prolly got around everywhere in it.... passed away and whoever "inherited" it didn"t know what to do with it and everyone else was scared of it