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Benson B8M gyrocopter

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  • Benson B8M gyrocopter

    I see on Gumtree a Benson B8M gyrocopter (part built) with plans, parts missing, for sale.
    he had bought it but did not have time to finish! [ I suppose 40 years can get away on you quickly ]
    This is a brand new unfinished Bensen B8M gyrocopter with parts missing It has never been completed or flown This would be a simple completion for a Good ..., 1208162653
    Remember: no matter where you go, there you are

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    how about an online quizzz, if you were to be finishing off the gyro ,
    what is obviously wrong with the design that has been displayed in the photo.
    there can be more than 1 correct answer.
    TIMMY , your not allowed to compete. .


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      The mast is pointing a*s* about, back the front, BUT it is only sitting there for photo purposes.

      Aussie Paul.


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        hell if I had said timmy and paul not allowed to answer then it would be massively quiet. it was only for the photo but a bit misleading for sure .
        sad that the forum is not used more. even jussy never told me off on here, even after he phoned and said " get on the forum about not being able to fly straight and level and get it going ".