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  • emailing problem

    Ok puter geeks, i got a problem with the emailing side of my puter, its only about 8 months old, now when it was new it would send and recieve any size attachment just fine, but now it will still recieve anything, but i just cant send anything over about 2-3mb, i cant forward an email exactely as it came in if it has more than a couple of photos in it????Any ideas, and there is only 2 of us using the puter and neither of us have changed any settings, it has been getting worse for awhile but it is bad now.

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    Sorry bones,If it aint made of wood, moo"s or flys I dont know much about it! (if something did all three, I might even get to be an expert!) :PMark.


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      OK bones- get onto your ISP (internet service provider) and ask them for the answer. If your with telstra or big swamp - good luck.


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        I could tell you wot you stuffed up, but you wouldnt understand me tech explanations, you dumb ****.


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          birdy, get a grip on life.Bones was after some assistance,not your obnoxious comments. Kym.


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            Hada sneekn feeln it woulda drawn the little forum maggot out. Wot was obnoxious bout it bosca??Ay Bonsey, looks like you got a forum gaudian angle , and i gota syber stalker. Actualy, if ya think bout it, bosca actualy likes me, he must be obsessed, otherwise he wouldnt say anythn.Now that IS a scarey thought. But dont fret little bosca, it aint mutual