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  • Seat tank

    Can anyone tell me where to buy a seat tank from. I think mine must have a crack in it from the little bang I gave it recently.

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    hey bazin the latest gyro news there is a guy called ted minty of sydney who builds them, for $298.00 bucks , its a 10 gallon seat tank"the australian auto gyro co"his number is (02)9449 9816cheersadrian


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      Suggest you do a search on "seat tank" on the forum. Some stuff in there will tell you "what to buy" , and "what not to buy". FWIWFred


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        The $298 is for the seat only, does not incl fittings, pack or postage (freight).I cant recollect how much extra the fittings were when Ted quoted it to me a couple of years ago, I think in the order of another $25 0r $30.Make sure you ask for an all up price fot tank fittings and packaging. Mitch.


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          Thanks all for your help. Ended up getting a guy in Rocky to weld it up for me. He seemed to do a good job. Specialises in plastic welding and has a really bad stutter the poor bugga. Cost me about $120.