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    How do you search for older (probably archived) postings on this forum? What I was looking for pre-dates the listing that come up on my computer under "Technical Information". I used the search function, and have tried using "key words" from the original posting but it comes up as "0 results found".Any ideas?

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    Gday TimIm thinking you are looking for my old posts..... i do apologiseAaron


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      G"day Aaron, how you keeping. No, wasn"t looking for your old posts, or any in particular. It is just that there were some interesting old threads that could save a lot of re-typing every few years or so when newbies keep asking the same old questions. If we could just supply the newbies with a link to the topics that have already been discussed in length then a lot of time could be saved.


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        gday TimIm a bit smarter with the computor now......was in Broken hill the other day fixing a d10 dozer bloody nice place....Just wondering.... do you think its worth posting Freds Notes again as i do know how to post his drawings and sketches.......I know the rafs have some of his old ideas ... but least i can post how he worked them out?I value your opinion.... let me know as i am happy to post them again.......Also do you remember this old song from the old nationals?...... il just write the chorus...... im trying to get the whole song........I grab a piece of wire and tied my Gyro DownI jumped into my model skee and headed off to townwill my rotors run up quickwill my engine start first flickwill the air be smooth as glasswill i thrill them in my classall will she coff and not get off.......Really like to get the rest of this song.... i remember a old bloke singing it around the camp fire in netallie ..... about 87cheers Aaron