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rotor blade balancing

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  • rotor blade balancing

    hey guys a quick question, well quick questions arnt always the easiestbut i was out flying pondering as i do when i go buzzing around , and trying to figure out why the stick shakes slightly , due to possibly out of tracking, no. i lined up the rotor and found that one rotor appears to be heavier than the other,, the rotors i have are larkin, any tips on what could be the easiest thing to do before going mental and having to take the screws out and the end and rebalance?was just a thought i had, would love to fly with out that shake even for a day cheers adrian

  • #2 "lined up the rotors" and one is heavier
    If you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time


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      Adrian,If you mean that you observed one blade flying lower then the other then they are not tracking correctly and the pitch of one blade needs to be altered ,this can be achieved two ways-1. if the hub bar has pitch blocks just adjust one side in "1 scribe line increments" at a time, retest fly- if its worse go the other way or if its a little better try a little more!2. If the hub bar isnt ajustable then loosen the teeter block bolts and pack one side of the block with a shim ( old coke can is best!) retest fly if its worse take the shim out and try the other side. If its better the put in another shim and retest. Keep doing this until you hit the point where the shake is minimised.The above will only work if the blades have been staticaly balanced as described by Russ and you are sure that your head has no axial runout as well as no blade damage.Remember small changes at a time and only change one thing at a time otherwise you can compound the problem.Adrian


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        thanks adrian,i have shimmed it a while ago, i thought it flew well, for a while, i guess im just observing things alot more, dunno, ill have to run a string down then to see what there doing, if i get right in the poop,ill give you a callcheers adrian