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  • Aint these things grand

    i just had to say done my 13th hour today and what an unlucky number it is the bloody engine just kept dying!!!!! lol bloody instructors who gave them a throttle control in the back seat. i still cant believe how good these machines handle and how honest they reply to control inputs i really must say i shoulda started this earlier. also anyone know who was flying down around the mid north coast of nsw about a month or 2 ago apparently they landed only bout 5 ks from my friendly little pub here and diddnt call in i heard a whisper they stayed the night in the oppositions pub at bellbrook hmmmmmm all is good call in a little further south next time.regards,Your friendly publicanTodd

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    Hi ToddWhen you get that certificate drop down this way (near Taree); I suspect my machine is a bit like the one you are training in; no gyros in this area so would be good to compare experiences; I have only 150 hours so far; will get to Kempsey one of these days; promise to buy you a beer if you tell me whereabouts of that strip that is 5 km from you; you will have arrived in gyroland when you talk nm/knots!best regardsJoe


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      hey flapper what are you flying i recon i could have a strip out the back of pub shortly and if so no excuses then i can just give co ordinates.well come for a run up to kempsey airport one sat morn there we will be.cheers todd


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        Hi ToddI fly an MT 03; will plan something to Kempsey shortly; may have a tribe of ultralights in tow.RegardsJoe