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  • Ouch

    They say rabbits breed...flourish when good seasons are around, well, I wouldn"t say that this saying is very correct, particularly at the moment, its dry here, no rain since may and we had a poor start to the year after we had that warm weather last summer which cooked everything. Now, we have a house paddock of a few acres here that we exclude all stock out of to keep a bit of ground cover that assists in keeping the close in dirt mainly on the ground where it belongs and not in the house and this, in dry times the ground cover becomes particularly appealing to the many rabbits for miles around.Started shooting with the spotlight and good old Bruno 22 which did a good job but rabbits are particularly good at adapting to a "hostile" environment so a change of tact was needed. Some time ago we bought a LED re chargeable 30 something little spot lights and its real good to use as a mini spotlight although it suffers at a bit of distance. Its an up right torch and has a reasonably thick handle. Well, armed with my LED, 12 gauge under & over, a pocket full of shells, I have been doing a regular night patrol on foot. Its been great & I have enjoyed the challenge of having to take aim quickly and shoot the rabbits as they sprinted for cover. It hasn"t all been plain sailing here as a few rabbits have gotten into the house yard and have made a meal of Rosie"s lovely plants & flowers etc

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    Maybe you should hold the light and let Rosie do the shooting?Graeme.


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      oh , by the way, I clean missed the offending bunnie!! and I bet it is eyeing off Rosie"s plants thinking it had a victory over that monster that makes loud noises. Glad you ownly sustained a tree under the thumb nail. Cheers Des Garvin.


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        Wunder whos next?They say things happen in 3s.Yesterday i nearly split me faithfull [ tho brainless] Jack Russle in arf with the .44.Was headn out to the desert and supprise supprise, camels.Weigh anchor in the ol tojo, grab maggy n a box o pills, hop over the fence and take off on foot through the spinifex to painkill them bentnecks.Kinda forgot bout the braindead mutt, but after i dropped a few, i heard this faint yappn comen from one of the downed. I gose over and [ gently] kick the mutt in the guts and tell him to **** off before he gets stomped.A few moments later, i line up one on the ground thats still maken noises and make it quiet, only to hear anatha [muffled] yap.The little s**t had come back and was chewn on this one wen i finished it, and was now pinned under the camels now lifeless head.The mutt kind hides on the ute now wen i pull maggy out.


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          Orrr birdy you would be building that shak out the desert if you had of shot the bosses dog


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            Three"s huh?? Well, I think we are way past the threes heading for more like the dozens .Rosie is a very good shot so she tells me although I"m yet to witness her ability.Yes, Des, the plants and flowers and oh yes, the roses are still being trimmed by the elusive wabbits.Its hard to believe but the young rabbits are simply pushing in through the rabbit netting and back out again. The sheep dogs are now wabbit dogs, Rosie has them in the house yard every day flushing out any rabbits that think they might take up residence underneath the house. The dogs are now actually catching the rabbits as they have learnt to work them.Our dogs stop whatever they are doing and head for cover when anything resembiling a gun is produced and probably with good reason