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What happened to the GPS?

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  • What happened to the GPS?

    Work bought me a new GPS today. The upgrade for the old GPS 76. Well the new one is one of those Oregon 550 by Garmin. Holy cow this thing even has an inbuilt camera and everything else you could poke a stick at. Anyway after spending the whole day buried in the manual and none the wiser. I wondered what happened. Gone are the days where a GPS just told you where you are, and a mobile phone just made phone calls. Now the gadget has to do everything under the sun. there is even GPS out there that makes phone calls. All these toys are great but I still miss the simplicity of old technology. Nowadays you tune your Gyro with a laptop. The fine tuned ear and a screwdriver are a all but a thing of the past. I also watch my kids and they are lost with out their Nintendo computer game "I"m bored" they say. So you see this technology comes at a price. Sure we can do so many more things easier but it is robbing us of our skills and imagination.

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    Mate, I know where you"re coming from. I resisted grabbing a GPS until 2 years ago. When I used to sail, I used triangulation. There must be a whole generation out there that haven"t even heard of it. But flying cross country in my 503 with 90 mile range sold me on the GPS thingo.