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    Hi Guys,I"m currently new to the world of gyro"s but unfortunately it is only for a short time. I am currently selling my Gyro and want to make sure I"m selling it for the right price. I have put more then 6.5k into rebuilding the gyro but am moving onto fixed wing as these are not for me. In short, do you think 5.8 is a reasonable price. me your thoughts!!!Matthew

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    Hi Matthew,Actually, I"m no expert either, but I liked the look of your gyro for the price.Sadly, I have had issues with my cash flow, so I have had to pass up your great offer.Hopefully, I"ll have fixed the money issue in coming months, and if your gyro is still on the market, I"d be interested in taking a look.Best of luck in the meantime.Zoinks.


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      Not a problem, Im in no rush and am doing things here and there when i can. Planning on giving it a ground run late next month but see how you go. 0408682080 if you have any questions.Matt