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  • New Gyros at OSH

    Gidday All,Managed to spend some time at Oshkosh again last month and came across the latest gyro design from HoneyBee. Here"s the site: The prices seem a little high to me and I can"t see much performance from the 90 HP two place with full fuel and 2 X 250 lb yanks on board. It hasn"t flown yet and the mast is designed to move in-flight for trim purposes. Better hope the mechanism doesn"t "run away"!The singles have push-pull cables and only two of them. Rudder control is presently the same. In the photos, the black section in the main gear legs are the fibreglass "shocks".Waddles.

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    I like the look of the overhead tube, but cannot help but think that this isn"t a new idea.Is there any functional advantage to such a thing? i.e does it protect the pilot in any way?Also, the prop seems to be sitting a little high, at first glance.Given the good ol" CLT issues on some designs, does this aircraft seem to be perhaps a little high in it"s thrust line?All the rest seems quite standard, but just varying degrees of what we"ve seen before.Opinions from the seasoned professionals?