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How to Register to the ASRA Forum

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  • How to Register to the ASRA Forum

    Past Members... Having Account Troubles? Please PM me with your old username or email and I will merge it with your new account or reset it required.

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    Yeah Dan I'm thinking that's my problem. user name and PW expired re registered with old user name and PW doesn't allow any activity on member site and times out on forum when i type and post i get a "you are not authorized to post this comment" spiel yeah i got ways around it just causes pain. I looked at my profile settings and cant fix.User name is blakemorem
    Cheers Mike.


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      Hello Dan, you there mate LOL... must just be ASRA forum. try another Chanel. Earth calling asra earth calling asra, Reminds me of Pink Floyd " i asked if he wanted to accept call collect and he just hung up on me" IS THERE ANY BODY OUT THERE.