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912 Rotax Fuel Pump

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  • 912 Rotax Fuel Pump

    Hey Gyronaughts i finally got my new fuel pump. Yeah the AD regarding fuel pump. It was about 6 weeks waiting for back order. I heard the original pump was made in Germany cant think of the name brand but was apparently a good pump. Anyway directive done and have new fuel pump.

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    Its reassuring to know your fuel supply wont be interrupted at an inappropriate time . I have a 12 volt pump as well for added security.
    Did you get your through Bert Flood & what was the cost ?


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      I got hold of some low pressure but high flow pumps from new Zealand, they are " FUELFLOW " brand, they are rated @33 LT per hour and pressure is only .point 5 to 2.5 PSI. they are working a treat at the moment and very low pulses. [ very smooth. ] .
      they certainly fixed my SU carb flooding problems.


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        Yeah Bert Flood, cost about $250. This is compliant to a AD regarding diaphragm failure and depositing fuel into sump. But don't quote me on that. I have an electric fuel pump in the system and i power cycle it during pre flight check. It is reassuring to have known faults eliminated from flight irrespective of the parts condition if there is a known fault either replace or fix as complacency will reveal itself at the worst time. No need to be paranoid but the directive did say there was a known fault and was mandatory to change.


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          Wow, a part that didnt cost $800 !! Whilst thats a probably a bit pricey its cheaper than I thought & certainly a lot better than filling the sump with fuel !


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            Yeah the kit has simple instructions and just apply loctite to threads. The new pump has a waste vent tube so this cant happen. Just get a CFI to check your work as always. Yeah i know but it's the rule, and...O'Leary did state that "if you don't get it checked it will utterly fail to be sure" I'm just curious i looked for the AD on this and cant find it. Do we have a reference archive of AD's on this web site.
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