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  • Not Much Fly'n Lately.

    Every time i think about flying the weather has been crazy, I hope everybody survived the cyclone and floods without too much damage, I've been busy with chainsaw n trees and repairing flash flood. I cant help to feel sorry for the people that has had flood and cyclone damage. I see houses and sheds gone and the start again must be overwhelming just to see all your belongings go under or float away and house wrecked. Good to see everyone jump in and help too. I was watching BOM weather report and apparently the cyclones will be less frequent and more severe. I've never seen a rain dump as severe as this one south of Brisbane and set about work on improving drainage to prepare for next time, it makes for a lot of work but i'm guessing this kind of weather can be expected these days and seems flying is more opportunistic and of course need to pay particular attention to weather forecasts as i have been warned before in my fly area the weather can turn nasty very quickly and on one occasion was very fortunate i had landed before the storm hit. Any way stay safe out there.

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    My sister and hubby live in Bilambil just south of the border Qld/NSW and their property copped a flash flood with the usual damage of fences and paddock top soil spread everywhere so I'm off over there from Perth to give them a hand to get it back to some form of normality. She is normally very independent but graciously accepted my offer of help so it has obviously kicked them in the guts pretty hard but there are others worse off and my heart goes out to em.

    Sorry Tony i won't have room for any techo kit in the bag.



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      Travel and fly safe you guys.


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        no problem chook, sort of wish you didn't have to come over because that would mean they were ok . we missed a bullet here in bundy this time. there was plenty who were freaking out mind you.
        I'm going to change my motto to. [ there is always someone worse off. ]