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    Is it just me or are others having a hard time working out the changes to the Yank forum. It used to be really easy to navigate, now I just don't get it. Or maybe I'm just a dumb ba#tard.
    Last edited by RickE; 07-04-2017, 05:06 PM.

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    Not as friendly as before .


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      I don't go to RWF very often any more, however word is it has gone down the same road as the ASRA forum.... they have 'fixed it' and nobody likes it. It used to be the same format as this one was... but then, same as here, it was fixed and is nothing like as good as it was, and it appears that alot of the links and pics have also disappeared. It is quite a shame actually, alot of good info and pictures lost on both of the 'fixed' forums....

      Edit: So Rick, it is not just you.... the feeling of dislike for the new RWF forum is pretty well wide spread.


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        I can't seem to navigate it easily. Might be my later in life brain fading!!

        Aussie Paul.
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          Its exactly the same software as the ASRA one we are using right now and didn't ASRA recently change to this version and now the Yank forum has also.
          Both are the VBulletin software so I suspect that the versions in use now are the current versions and the version RWF was using was no longer supported because it was to old. What I don't get in general is that the newer versions are not improvement when it comes to user functions. My guess they have a lot more back end bells and whistles that make administering and integrating into websites easier (like the ASRA version has the ASRA website colours and feel where as the RWF has the standard blue layout).

          I am sure the functions that I like are still available it just they are not in the same areas.


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            In my humble opinion, we dont like change all that much and despite the so called improvements, they are not improvements in navigating around the forum, they are improvements in forum security etc. Bottom line is once people drop off forums because they have problems with one thing or another, they rarely come back to try again which is really sad when you look back at say the early 2000 when the forum was really well attended.


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              I can't even get on it now, I can't get passed the sign in part