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A End Of An Era.

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  • A End Of An Era.

    Well, the new owner of my old Rosco arrived yesterday & loaded her up & she's on her way back to where she was born ! Amazing life started 20 years ago & would have clocked up well over 150,000 K's being carted around. Great testimony to Rosco's well designed tough machine. Was a bit misty eyed as she departed as we have been through many adventures & seen a sizeable chunk of country in our adventures.

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    Update....End of one (era) but the start of owner here, arrived safely in the Silver City. After a dusty ride she will get a bath tomorrow. Over the next month or so we will get organised with a list or replacement and upgrade parts required and then start working our way through that list of things we need to do in order to make her as good as new. Three kids on the way home discussed the sorts of adventures they want to have flying it one day with rocket boosters forming part of one conversation. A new era of adventures await and the gate will always be open for you to visit.


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      Out of interest Brian, How many hours has your Silver one done now?


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        Hi there Trent, a bit over 1700 hours I reckon.
        Would you mind texting me your phone number please, I have a question or two that you may be able to help me with. 0428375427