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    It appears to be a bit quiet around here, but I thought i'd ask any way maybe somebody will visit this forum and who knows may even reply one day !!! I'm doing the rounds getting some parts so i can get some maintenance done and whilst online with the Aero shops i was looking at getting another helmet for the missus. The original was Icaro brand made in Italy and the headset connectors don't appear to be same as the one i have. I looked at the technical on helmets and nothing on this forum. I'm still researching but some one must have been down this path already finding Icaro helmet with headset to suit MTO-3 radio/intercom, or more specifically the headset connection plug type. I'll get photo's when i'm at the hanger.

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    Mike I had to repair a MTO helmet and they use a propriety plug for the cockpit connections when working into their radio (Pilsner Funkverks). You should have the connection details in your Gyro manual. If not then I can place them here.
    The Microphone and earphone configuration was nothing special as I recall.

    You may wish to sit in the rear seat of your MTO with someone else piloting it from the front seat and check the noise levels. I know that the rear of an ELA is much louder than the front and if its your wife in the back there is no good reason to give her a headache- if you know what I mean. You may have to look at something else for noise suppression in helmets.

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      Thanks Chook, this now gives me options with helmets, Do you know where i can get the headset plug from, ie part # and description/type.


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        Mike can you post a pic of both the male and female plugs that you currently have on your machine with say your finger holding it so I can get a comparison of size. I seem to recall that they were very similar to the microair units and I have one that I could cut the plug from and send it over to you if it will fit.

        Incidentally I am experimenting with a "Halo" style of headset which fits under say a Peltor headset. This combination affords an extremely high passive form of hearing protection against our very noisy operating environment. Just a bit busy at the moment with an engine replacement in my gyro.



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          Hi Chook yeah WILCO, i'll take a Pix with eng ruler. I was just looking at RS Components and will be similar to Amphenol plug / socket /back shell.14-S2 or 14S-6. you push plug/socket together then fix together with bayonet style ring on backshell. I also noticed a Micro air schematic / wiring diagram so hopefully if this gets figured out you are not limited to a specific helmet for MTO as they are very expensive there is a variety of helmets on the market and options are limited by the plug type.


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            Ha, Chook I followed your link (Pilsner Funkverks). and it led me to a Brewing Company, which isn't a bad thing, just wont get much work done. It took a while but I think i've established that possibly Funkwerk looks like a harness maker for micro air radios. Anyway i found the schematic for the ATR-500 radio and looks fairly straight forward but i'll have to match the headset wiring to existing connection. Just looking at helmet options at the moment.


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              Hmm brewing company - well picked.
              Mike with your background I would be looking at going down the nato/helicopter plug (U-174) path. I have had one on my machine now for 12 months and although I haven't drenched it with water it is still behaving itself faultlessly. I have had mixed success over the years with std aviation plugs and various "flavours" of professional audio plugs but they just don't seem to have the corrosive robustness of the U-174 series for our exposed frame gyros. I will attach the details that I have for the MTO for you.

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                Thanks Chook, Now i have worked out what the ATR-500 radio is all about i can see there are a few options and a proven plug as well. Cheers mate