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  • Gyro stability

    The 'other day' I was asked to take a bloke up who was contemplating purchasing a Jab. or light wing. He wished to experience a gyro first. As he drove 100 km to reach my place I took him up with a little risk with a few tropical storm cells around. We cruised around for a half hr. and on returning to the bush strip I had to go between two cells. The rain was heavier than expected and caused the windscreen to become zero viz. I kept going looking out the door and the engine had had enough of rain and protested by starting to splutter. I followed a road as a precaution and the engine went down to 40% power and we were unable to make it back. I dived her down and zoomed along the road while a storm front wind hit us side on and I managed to zoom between a tree row and kick her sideways onto a clearing just 1 km from our bush strip. The bloke was so impressed with the controllability of rotary wing that he has rubbished any thoughts of getting a fixed wing. -Another convert-

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    and hopefully thanked the top pilot .


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      Max, I assume like most gyros your engine is completely exposed to the elements? Would it have helped with the engine losing power due to it being waterlogged If it had a cowling?

      I don't really understand why most gyro designs are completely open engine, for exactly this reason its a danger. Its not hard for the factory or DIY designs to include a cowling, if it includes an airduct into the right areas you won't get overheating, and can have quick release screws for inspection / maintenance. Also makes the machine look a lot better IMO.


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        Here are some photos of Max's machine
        Remember: no matter where you go, there you are


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          You're dead right Deanbob! I am working on some kind of cowling. At the head scratching design stage at present. After 2 or so years of improvising with the microtech electronics I'm finally starting to understand the manual. I've now got all the sensors in circuit and running how it is supposed to. The guys at Kunnanara said it was too noisey so have fitted two flow through muflers in series. The locals here now tell me it's quieter than a cessna.


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            Really nice design and pod, very streamlined. Is it a single or dual seat?


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              Duel seat. 160hp EJ25 single cam engine. Carbon fibre cabin. (Kruzer) Being a radio nut I have HF VHF UHF Transceivers. Also enough instruments to fly zero vis. if trapped in a whiteout, ect. At present the horison gyro is U/S The HF radio has an antenna tuner and can get extra range on the ground with an extra wire hanging off the rotor blade.