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Gyrocopter aerodynamics

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  • Gyrocopter aerodynamics

    Hi there;

    I am new to the gyrocopter scene, a fledgling at best. I have been really fortunate to be trained by some great instructors. I have also had some great conversations, everyone seems really happy to help out the new kid on the block.

    One area where I have found some interest is that of aerodynamics. That is:
    • basic aerodynamics,
    • rotorcraft aerodynamics, and
    • gyrocopter aerodynamics.
    My initial career was as an aeronautical engineer, this remains a topic of interest to me.

    I am keen to know if there is interest in covering or discussing these topics in:
    • an informal (forum) for this sort of topic, or
    • occasional (or even regular) articles in Gyro News.
    Some of the discussions that have prompted this post (and the offer to continue it) include:
    • the basics, including forces (lift, drag, weight and thrust) acceleration,
    • lift, and how it is produced,
    • the drag (also called the power or power-required) curve, and
    • differences between helicopter and gyrocopter aerodynamics, including autorotation.
    Happy to clarify (expand on) these (and others) if I can, but certainly don't want to go wasting time, mine or others.

    Again, thanks so far for all the encouragement and support.