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ASRA Committee to be congratulated

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  • ASRA Committee to be congratulated

    I just want to start by complimenting Adrian Stoffels and Allan Wardill for the professional and personal manner in which they conducted the Technical Adviser course held in Ballarat, Victoria last weekend. It was a fantastic three days both in what we learnt and the Social side. We are certainly fortunate to have them and the current Board who do all this work for us. I know they made the participants feel like we really do belong to a fantastic organisation. I would have normally let that pass here without comment but I had cause to ring Llewella and John Evans today and the wonderful help and positive reception I got from them makes me proud to be part of the ASRA family. Llewella has a robust workload on her shoulders which she does so well and I felt it was time I said something publically in support of our fine Committee. I have observed that she gets things done and in my 12 years in this Organisation have never seen such a professional group as we have today. Thank you for all the fine work you do as volunteers. PeteBairnsdale,Vic.

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    Very true Pete !!!!We are trully part of a great team, leading the world.Well done to all.Sam.Melbourne Vic.


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      Pete,No argument here, I've met Allan, John, Llewella face to face and I know them to be solid citizens. I've spoken with Bruce and Adrian and must say that they are all good characters and I appreciate their efforts.Cheers,Nicholas TomlinAlarmist - - we scare for you


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        Australians build by far the best gyros, have some of the best pilots and the anual flyins would be hard to better, so why wouldn't we have the best team run'n the show.If only the rest of the world knew wot they are missn....Ignorance is bliss............but only till you realise you were.birdy, here.


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          Here in the United States, we like your food... most of it anywayjust my two cents