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Merging Old Accounts With New

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  • Merging Old Accounts With New

    When migrating the old forum to the new one, all old user accounts were kept but could not keep the same passwords as they were encrypted and could not transfer over to the new system. This meant that passwords were auto generated and unknown to the user.

    You can easily retrieve your auto generated password here as long as you remember the email you used to sign up with.

    Some users have created new accounts but this means they loos their post counts or posts associated with their old account.

    It is possible for me to merge accounts. As the merge combines your old account with your new one the new email & password will still be the one you use. I can however change your username to your old one if you like. Merging will combine all previous posts with your new ones.

    Please Private Message me with your old & new usernames or even emails used so I can track down & merge your accounts.
    Past Members... Having Account Troubles? Please PM me with your old username or email and I will merge it with your new account or reset it required.