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  • Had enough!

    Does everyone agree that we need to cut out the spammers by getting the moderator or someone to approve new and possibly look at the current members for undesirables on our forum?

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    I have just now setup the forum to have a moderator approve new users.
    Past Members... Having Account Troubles? Please PM me with your old username or email and I will merge it with your new account or reset it required.


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      Thanks Dan


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        I would have thought, in this day and age, that all sites and forums which people have to sign up to join, should have to be vetted in some way. I would like to see it taken one step further and say the first 5 or so postings of a 'new member' should be limited in length (wordcount) and moderated first. After 5 'normal/humanlike posts' it can be assumed the member is real.

        Many times on many forums, these fake passport sites will join and immediately plaster the forum with 1000 word pastes of prepared ads... the same ad in every section or active topic. However, countering it would involve someone interested in the forum checking it regularly and doing the vetting to see if new members are for real or not.... On other forums I am on, many, if any member 'reports' a post for whatever reason, the said post/thread is suspended for moderation, if the reporting is valid, the thread/post is permanently removed... if the reporter has it wrong, they get THEIR butt kicked and the post reinstated. This works well in a forum such as this, because any time anyone of the genuine members sees one of these spam posts, they simply have to report it and it is essentially gone. This helps reduce the workload of the person who is keeping an eye on the forum.