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  • Timing out

    Very pissed off, made a big reply on the AK rotors & went to post & message said, " you are unauthorized to make this reply " or something like & I lost the lot. Not good enough & I'm over the forum.

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    Brian I cop this all of the time and have reported it. I routinely highlight and copy my post then login again and paste it. That way you can take your time answering it.



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      Hi Brian,
      sometimes if you log back in, it will remember what you has started typing, and ask you if you want to restore .... something along those lines anyway.

      Remember: no matter where you go, there you are


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        Thanks chook & Ross . Been a bit happening here &last night flipped my switch.


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          I do agree that the forum should be set to a longer time before it times out
          Remember: no matter where you go, there you are


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            i have had those and it says that stuff but then also but it comes up anyway. too much for my old brain. most time I waffle on abit about stuff, [ probably no one has ever noticed really ] but it's just to keep posts turning over .
            if it ever annoys anyone just let me know please..
            I'm not saying i'll stop thou, just let me know.
            no complaints from ross m or jussy [ if he can ever work out how to get on the forum that is ] will be accepted.


            • RossM
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              Editing a comment
              Hi Tony, what is the point of me bitching about you if you are going to take no notice !!

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            wow if that is your best bitching ross. you need to upgrade a bit mate . .